STEREO/Waves antenna Quick Facts
Antenna Length
Antenna Direction
Physical Properties
As described in [Bale et al., 2008]: "When deployed, the S/WAVES stacer antenna elements are approximately 6 m long with a tip diameter of 15.2 mm and a base diameter of 32 mm; this gives a surface area of about 0.45 m2. The mass of each stacer element is approximately 1 kg."
Calibration Techniques
The effective length of an antenna is defined as Leff = V/E, where V is the voltage induced at the antenna terminals by an incoming electromagnetic plane wave of electric field E, when the electric field direction is parallel to the direction of the antenna (see [Zaslavsky et al., 2011] for detailed discussions). The effective length can be calibrated using the Galactic Background [Novaco and Brown, 1979, Cane, 1979, Manning and Dulk, 2001] and the ambient plasma quasi-thermal noise [Meyer-Vernet, 2000].
The calibration provides the effective length multiplied by the gain (Γ) of the sensing part (an antenna attached to a spacecraft). This gain is: Γ = Ca/(Ca + Cs), where Ca and Cs are the antenna and stray capacitances, respectively. In order to correct for this factor, the values provided in the Electrical design section are used.
Calibration Results
  • [Zaslavsky et al., 2011].
    SpacecraftDF-Mode (1)Antenna Γ.Leff (m) Leff (m)
    STEREO-A 31hXY 2.02±0.07 4.25±0.15
    STEREO-A 31hZ 1.19±0.15 2.35±0.30
    STEREO-A 13hX 1.40±0.08 2.77±0.16
    STEREO-A 13hYZ 2.06±0.12 4.32±0.27
    STEREO-A 11hX 1.57±0.12 3.15±0.23
    STEREO-A 11hZ 1.86±0.37 3.72±0.74
    STEREO-A 12hX 1.64±0.14 3.29±0.28
    STEREO-A 12hY 1.91±0.17 3.82±0.35
    STEREO-A 21hY 1.83±0.09 3.66±0.18
    STEREO-A 21hZ 1.86±0.38 3.72±0.76
    STEREO-B 31hXY 2.04±0.06 4.30±0.12
    STEREO-B 31hZ 1.08±0.10 2.13±0.20
    STEREO-B 13hX 1.51±0.07 2.98±0.16
    STEREO-B 13hYZ 1.85±0.15 3.89±0.15
    STEREO-B 11hX 1.61±0.06 3.22±0.12
    STEREO-B 11hZ 1.33±0.15 2.65±0.30
    STEREO-B 12hX 1.59±0.06 3.18±0.12
    STEREO-B 12hY 1.73±0.11 3.45±0.23
    STEREO-B 21hY 1.86±0.04 3.71±0.08
    STEREO-B 21hZ 1.26±0.15 2.51±0.30
    (1) see this document (PDF) for detailed information.
    Nota Bene:
    - results for modes 13 and 31: [Zaslavsky et al., 2011]
    - results for modes 11, 12 and 21: personal communication by A. Zaslavsky, calibration done on day 2009-01-01.
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