STEREO/Waves antenna Quick Facts
Antenna Length
Antenna Direction
Electrical design
  • As described in [Bale et al., 2008], the electrical design of the STEREO/Waves antenna and preamplifier circuit is represented as the following figure (see sect. 3):
    electrical design
    with the following values for the circuit elements:
    Sheath resistance Rs ~ 0.75MΩ
    Antenna capacitance Cs ~ 40pF
    Base resistance Rb ~ 1-10MΩ
    Base capacitance Cb ~ 60pF
    C1 100pF
    C2 100pF
    R1 100Ω
    R2 33MΩ
    R3 33MΩ
    R4 150MΩ
    This study also mention the following measured quantities (see sect. 5):
    Cable capacitance Cc ~ 13pF
    Base capacitance Cb ~ 32pF
    Preamplifier capacitanceCpa~ 22pF
    Stray capacitance Cs ~ 67pFUsed by [Oswald et al., 2009].
    with Cs = Cb + Cc + Cpa . Finally, this study also mention a base capacitance used for the rheometric analyses (see sect. 6.1):
    Base capacitance Cb 90pF
  • A second study [Eastwood et al., 2009] gives the value of the stray capacitance for monopoles and dipoles, using the galactic noise:
    Stray capacitance (monopole)Cs,m ~ 80-90pFUsed by [Macher et al., 2007].
    Stray capacitance (dipole)Cs,d ~ 40pF
  • A third study [Zouganelis et al., 2010] gives the value of the base capacitance of the hXY dipole, using the shot noise:
    Base capacitance (dipole) Cb 32pF ± 4pF
Receiver Noise
  • An interesting byproduct of the calibration proposed by [Zaslavsky et al., 2011] is the receiver noise level (V2noise).
    SpacecraftDF-mode (1)AntennaV2noise (dB)
    STEREO-A 31hXY -160.9
    STEREO-A 31hZ -162.8
    STEREO-A 13hX -161.8
    STEREO-A 13hYZ -161.6
    STEREO-A 11hX -163.0
    STEREO-A 11hZ -162.7
    STEREO-A 12hX -163.1
    STEREO-A 12hY -162.4
    STEREO-A 21hY -163.4
    STEREO-A 21hZ -162.8
    STEREO-B 31hXY -162.4
    STEREO-B 31hZ -165.9
    STEREO-B 13hX -163.2
    STEREO-B 13hYZ -164.2
    STEREO-B 11hX -163.4
    STEREO-B 11hZ -165.8
    STEREO-B 12hX -163.4
    STEREO-B 12hY -166.4
    STEREO-B 21hY -163.9
    STEREO-B 21hZ -165.7
    (1) see this document (PDF) for detailed information.
    Nota Bene:
    - results for modes 13 and 31: [Zaslavsky et al., 2011]
    - results for modes 11, 12 and 21: personal communication by A. Zaslavsky, calibration done on day 2009-01-01.
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