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Atelier Magnétosphères Planétaires 2014, in Meudon (France), on Wednesday 4th February 2015.

The Atelier Magnétosphères Planétaires 2014 was gathering a large fraction of the solar and planetary science community, and thus is a particularly well targeted opportunity for such an event.

The session was planned on Wednesday 4th February 2015 and last for 2h.

The participants (21 attendees) worked on the following tutorials:

- Auroral processes on Saturn [details]
- Mars, evidence of an oxygen ions "plume" [details]
- Mars, a use case of interoperability [details]
- Predicting Solar Wind Disturbances arrival times at planets [details]
- Connection between HELIO and IMPEx tools [details]
- Mars Global Surveyor plasma data compared with models [details]
- APIS Tutorial [details]
- ExPRES tutorial [details]
- Magnetospheric regions automatic identification with AMDA and TOPCAT [details]

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