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Virtual European Solar and Planetary Access
Solar System Virtual Observatory Hands-on Sessions


Available Tutorials

Tracking asteroids [vid] ephemeris, small bodies
Auroral processes on Saturn [vid] plasma, planet, solar wind
Exploring exoplanets [vid] [pdf] exoplanet
Analyzing Pluto's surface [vid] planet
Mars, evidence of an oxygen ions "plume" [vid] plasma, planet
Mars, a use case of interoperability [vid] plasma, planet
Predicting Solar Wind Disturbances arrival times at planets [vid] plasma, planet, solar wind
Connection between HELIO and IMPEx tools [pdf] plasma, planet, solar wind
TOPCAT Tutorial [pdf] planet
Mars Global Surveyor plasma data compared with models [pdf] plasma, planet
APIS Tutorial [pdf] plasma, planet
ExPRES tutorial [pdf] plasma, planet, exoplanet
Magnetospheric regions automatic identification with AMDA and TOPCAT [pdf] plasma, planet [pdf] planet
IMPEx tutorial [vid] plasma, planet

Other tutorials related to the CDPP tools are available here.

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